About The Beans

The Beans

Cactus Creek Coffee® of Aberdeen, NC has served in the Sandhills area longer than any other gourmet coffee roaster. Our coffees are roasted daily for optimum flavor; we want to offer you the freshest coffee possible! We are meticulous in ensuring that all of our beans are roasted to perfection so you can expect premium quality in every cup of coffee.

Freshness is a priority! We take care that when every order is received, it is promptly packaged and shipped so that it is as fresh as possible. We package all our beans in sealed bags that utilize a one-way degassing valve; that means that no air gets in to make your coffee stale. And just as important, that valve means the coffee is able to “breathe” as it releases the gases that build up naturally after roasting.

Try one of our coffee varieties today and experience what “fresh roasted” really means! You never know when you might discover your favorite new coffee.

What's In A Name?

Arabica Or Robusta

Two important species of coffee dominate the market:  Arabica (coffee Arabica) and Robusta (coffee Canephora). Arabica beans are the beans of choice for specialty roasters.  They are grown in many parts of the world and their characteristics (taste, body, aroma, etc…) vary widely from region to region.  On the other hand, Robusta are cheap bland beans used in less expensive commercial blends.  Robusta beans are not used by Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters.

Concerned about caffeine? 100% Arabica coffee has less caffeine than the cheaper commercial
coffee. Why? Commercial coffees are blended with Robusta beans which have twice the caffeine
as Arabica beans.

Did you think gourmet coffee was a recent phenomena?  Today’s popularity of Arabica beans roasted in small quantities is actually a reflection of earlier times.  Long ago people would roast their own coffee at home.  While their methods were fairly rudimentary, the result was fresh whole bean coffee. Home roasting was the norm for about 300 years until the dawn of the industrial age.