Espresso Frappe

$27.00 3.5 lb bag


Supercharge your morning coffee or anytime pick-me-up with Big Train’s Espresso Blended Ice Coffee Mix! We source the highest-quality ingredients and carefully blend them to create an irresistible caffeinated treat. Our espresso mix refreshes and invigorates with real Arabica coffee and rich cocoa. And our silky base made with nonfat milk and real sugar delivers smooth, consistent texture. Hot or iced, our sweet, satisfying espresso mix is sure to please coffee lovers in search of gourmet taste. It’s delicious alone or customized with add-ins like flavored syrups or a dollop of whipped cream. Our Espresso Blended Ice Coffee Mix is full of smooth coffee flavor and contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Kosher-Dairy and Halal certified.

Big Train’s signature products of Blended Ice Coffees, Iced Crèmes, and Chai Teas have redefined an industry. Often imitated, but never replicated, their drinks set the standard for specialty coffee and tea products

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