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  • A Coffee Tour


    Welcome to Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters, where the world of coffee comes to life! We are thrilled to introduce our brand new Coffee Tour, inviting you to come behind-the-scenes of your favorite local roaster. For just $5.00 per person, experience the magic behind-the-beans as you tour our facility and witness the intricate art of coffee roasting. Get an exclusive sneak peak into our latest product innovations and sample just some of the many specialty drinks we offer. Come join us for a special chance to enjoy, learn, and experience the craft of Cactus Creek Coffee!

    Tour Duration: No more than 2 hours


    • Coffee Roasting: Watch and learn how we roast your favorite coffee.
    • New Products: Get an exclusive look at our latest innovations and additions to what we are offering.
    • Flavored Coffee Making: Discover the secrets of how we create our delicious flavored coffees.
    • Specialty Drinks Tasting: Treat yourself to a variety of specialty drinks, each crafted by one of our baristas.
    • Gift Bags: Indulge in a personalized gift bag featuring samples of all your favorite treats – just for you!

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