Dr. Smoothie has two decades of experience as the healthy beverage innovator, paving the way with shelf-stable, clean label and organic beverages that are as delicious as they are wholesome. It is their social responsibility to create healthy products that nourish consumers and their passion to deliver unique taste sensations.

“Our goal is to approach everything we do with a healthy twist without compromising taste because, in the end, taste is king.”

– Dr.Smoothie


We’re crushing it. Our 100% Crushed smoothies are are made with real, ripe fruits and vegetables to deliver creative flavor combinations inspired by nature.

Almond Almond Roca® Amaretto Apple Banana Blackberry Blueberry Blue Raspberry (Special Order) Bourbon Caramel Brown Sugar Cinnamon Butter Pecan Butter Rum Butterscotch Caramel Classic Cheesecake Cherry Chocolate Bianco (White Chocolate) Chocolate Milano (Dark Chocolate) Chocolate Mint Cinnamon Coconut

Coffee Coffee Liquor Crème de Cacao Crème de Menthe Cupcake English Toffee French Vanilla Gingerbread Grape (Special Order) Hazelnut Huckelberry(Special Order) Irish Cream Kiwi Lavender Lemon Lime Macadamia Nut Mango Maple Orange

Passion Fruit Peach Peanut Butter Peppermint Pineapple Pink Grapefruit (Special Order) Pomegranate Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Spice Raspberry Root Beer Salted Caramel Shortbread Strawberry Sweet Heat Tiramisu Toasted Marshmallow Vanilla Vanilla Bean Watermelon

Sugar Free Torani Syrups

Sugar Free Almond Sugar Free Almond Roca® Sugar Free Black Cherry Sugar Free Brown Sugar Cinnamon Sugar Free Caramel Sugar Free Chocolate Sugar Free Chocolate Macadamia Nut Sugar Free Coconut Sugar Free English Toffee

Sugar Free French Vanilla Sugar Free Hazelnut Sugar Free Irish Cream Sugar Free Lemon (Special Order) Sugar Free Lime (Special Order) Sugar Free Mango (Special Order) Sugar Free Peach Sugar Free Peanut Butter Sugar Free Peppermint

Sugar Free Pumpkin Pie Sugar Free Raspberry Sugar Free Salted Caramel Sugar Free Strawberry Sugar Free Vanilla Sugar Free Vanilla Bean Sugar Free White Chocolate

Torani Real Fruit Smoothies

Blueberry Pomegranate Green Apple Lemonade

Mango Peach Raspberry

Strawberry Strawberry Banana Wildberry

Torani Frusia

Banana Mango Mixed Berry

Peach Piña Colada Raspberry


Torani Sauces

Caramel    Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Pumpkin Pie White Chocolate

Sugar Free Caramel Sugar Free Chocolate Sugar Free White Chocolate

What People Say

Amazing place! Definitely the best coffee!

Ericka S.

Best coffee hands down.... puts Starbucks to shame every time!!

Kamin B.

This is my favorite place for coffee in our town! Soooo good!

Kristina W.